City of St. Albert, Lafrentz Road Marking

Intersection Safety

When the City of St. Albert asked for a new way to improve skid-resistance in strategic areas such as high collision zones or pedestrian and school crossings, we were ready for such a partnership.
These high incident locations are best suited to install our custom-designed safety markings based on our in-house manufactured product System 400. We can create any colour imaginable for a completely custom look. As our safety markings are made of plastic, they are very durable, highly visible, and last longer than painted surfaces.
For skid-resistant surfaces, our product provides excellent skid-resistance and when desired, in a variety of colours. We can even match Pantone Management System (PMS) colour values. Our skid-resistant material is very durable and cures quickly, meaning that the treated area can be used soon after application.
Initial testing are now complete and we are entering a study phase to review incident reduction and product performance over a couple of years.
The City of St. Albert and Lafrentz division of ColasCanada will closely monitor this project, since it will be used to set the guidelines for the future.

Learn more about Lafrentz by visiting their website.