Runway repairs, Sherbrooke Airport, Sintra Inc.

In 2010, for the first time, Sintra Estrie installed a FiberMat® reflective cracking prevention membrane to preserve Sherbrooke Airport's runways from bad weather.

Rebuilding the 13-31 runway consisted of milling to correct the profile, laying FiberMat® membrane, paving in 2 layers totalling 17,500 MT, improvingperipheral drainage, and marking almost 20,000 linear metres.

Franroc was mandated by Sintra Estrie to lay an anti-crack membrane over an area of 89,000 square meters at Sherbrooke Airport, before the latter's asphaltiing work.

Applying FiberMat® consisted first of spreading emulsified asphalt and fibreglass. To complete the work, stone was put in place and compacted.

To install the FiberMat®, almost 8,000 kg of fibreglass, 1,000 MT of agregate and 160,000 litres of emulsified asphalt were necessary.

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