Parking lot, Head Office – Sintra Inc.

With the intention of adding another Vegecol plant mix demonstration site in addition to that of its regional office, Sintra Monteregie carried out a project at the company's head office in Montreal.

In addition to presenting the product's environmental benefits, the purpose of this project was to demonstrate the Vegecol plant mix's aesthetic aspect.

The project chosen consisted of laying 2-colour asphalt in the 1,350 m2 parking lot.

The first step was to remove the existing pavement and install a catch basin and a downspout.

MG-20 stones were added during levelling before paving, and an EB-14 asphalt layer of 50 mm was laid. The caramel-coloured Vegecol plant mix (40 mm) was laid in the area of parking spaces during a first operation. The chocolate-coloured Vegecol plant mix was put in place afterward in the lanes.

A Sintra unistone logo was also installed in the Vegecol plant mix to demonstrate the product's capabilities.

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