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We can help you reach 17 of the 52 points required to be certified LEED Platinum.

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Bituclair® is a petroleum-based synthetic binder that may be used to produce coloured paving materials. A wide range of colours and shades are available, making Bituclair-based paving materials an invaluable contributor to comfort, safety and urban development.


The range of colours available for Bituclair® based paving materials can provide clear marking of areas for different uses such as bus lanes, pedestrian crossings, bike paths and, as such, reduce conflicts.

Environmentally Sound

Bituclair® based paving materials may be produced in light colour tones to reduce surface heat absorption or to decrease lighting requirements in urban areas and tunnels. The use of Bituclair® based products can contribute to gaining LEED certification points.


Bituclair® based coloured surfaces enhance the aesthetic appeal of urban areas and revitalize surrounding neighbourhood. Whether for an historic, traditional or modern look, the results will be a more charming and attractive living environment.


Bituclair® is manufactured with aggregates that comply with standards NF XP P 18-545 and NF EN 13043.

The color of the aggregates plays a preponderant role in the natural shading of the mix once the binder film has been eliminated. It is profitable for all to take advantage of this by selecting and/or mixing the aggregates to obtain additional color variations.


Honey-colored when applied in thin films, the synthetic binder Bituclair® is made with a base that does not contain asphaltene, molecules that are responsible for the black color of conventional bitumen binders. This is why it is so easy to color Bituclair®.


Technical information:

  • Synthetic petroleum-based binder, translucent in thin film.
  • Motor oil-coloured as a mass. Contains no asphaltene molecules that colour asphalt binders black.
  • Organic or mineral pigments may be added at concentration ranging from 1 to 2% of the paving material.
  • Does not contaminate run-off water. Contains no harmful gases.
  • Rheological characteristics equivalent to those of standard asphalt binders.
  • May be modified to meet the requirements of all Performance Grade conventional asphalt binders.

Suggested uses:

  • Bike paths
  • Pedestrian alleys
  • Bus lanes
  • Parking lots
  • Tunnels and underground passages
  • Sidewalks
  • Park paths and pedestrian lanes
  • Squares and playgrounds
  • Schoolyards and sports grounds
  • Platforms for public transport  
  • Driveways